Z Nation: Seasons 1-3 | Kellita Smith

Z Nation: Seasons 1-3 | Kellita Smith
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Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Television
Format: Blu-ray / Box Set
Region: Region B
Number of Discs: 11 disc(s)
Duration (minutes): 1935
Label / Studio: Dazzler
Production Year: 2016
Date Published: 09 Oct 2017
Catalogue Code: DAZB0331
EAN: 5060352304602

Executive Producer
Executive Producer

All 43 episodes from the first three seasons of the US zombie adventure. Set three years into a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors transport the only known survivor of a zombie attack, Murphy (Keith Allan), from New York to the last known research lab in California in the hope of finally developing a cure to the deadly ZN1 virus. Season 1 episodes are: 'Puppies and Kittens', 'Fracking Zombies', 'Philly Feast', 'Full Metal Zombie', 'Home Sweet Zombie', 'Resurrection Z', 'Welcome to the Fu-Bar', 'Zunami', 'Die, Zombie, Die...Again', 'Going Nuclear', 'Sisters of Mercy', 'Murphy's Law' and 'Doctor of the Dead'. Season 2 episodes are: 'The Murphy', 'White Light', 'Batch 47', 'Zombaby!', 'Zombie Baby Daddy', 'Down the Mississippi', 'The Collector', 'RoZwell', 'We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon', 'Corporate Retreat', 'Party With the Zeros', 'Adiós, Muchachos', 'Day One' and 'All Good Things Must Come to an End'. Season 3 episodes are: 'No Mercy', 'A New Mission', 'Murphy's Miracle', 'Escorpion and the Red Hand', 'Little Red and the Wolfz', 'Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', 'Welcome to Murphytown', 'Election Day', 'Heart of Darkness', 'They Grow Up So Quickly', 'Doc's Angels', 'The Siege of Murphytown', 'Duel' and 'Everybody Dies in the End'.

Languages(s): English|Interactive Menu

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